1-1/4″ Motorized Electric Brass Ball Valves 3 Wire AC 220V Full Port Valve – DN32


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  • Straight flow, large flow, no blocking by the slag
  • Good waterproof and dirt-proof function (IP65)
  • Actuator is easily disassembled and assembled
  • Actuator can be installed after the equipment and pipes are installed, so as to improve efficiency
  • LED indicates when switch on/off the valve, to detect whether the valve is wholly on/off
  • Highly energy saving, long life design
  • Closed tightly due to high pressure when closing
  • Actuator can be assembled in two directions

Medium Cold/Hot water, 60% Ethylene Glycol
Material Brass
Power Supply AC 220V
Model DN32(G 1-1/4")
Structure Forms Two Ways
Operation Mode Three Floating Point (24V AC) or ON/OFF
Power 6W (Only when the valves open and close)
Running Time 5-15 Seconds
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Medium Temperature 2℃~95℃
Maximum Differential Pressure 1.0MPa
Protection Class IP65
Connection Mode ZG Internal Thread
Overall Size 6.3x4x14cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Motorized Brass Ball Valve