1 Sets Fog Nozzles Irrigation System Portable Misting Automatic Watering 10M Garden Hose Spray Head With 4/7Mm Tee And Connector


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This nozzle has a very good atomization effect. It not only has a large spray range, but also can be adjusted to a fine water line. When it is sprayed down in the air, it will become a light rain effect. Suitable for family watering, balcony garden cooling, greenhouse greenhouse irrigation. Easy installation, water saving, labor saving, time saving and practicality!

  • The water mist particles are finely ≤70 microns (the fine mist is not blue smoke)
  • Flow rate: Gray nozzle 6.7-7 L/h. Black nozzle 8.3-9.6L/h
  • Water spray diameter is about 80CM
  • The nozzle adopts eddy current design and built-in filter to prevent blockage
  • Removable nozzle for easy cleaning
  • Meet the strict requirements for water mist in greenhouse seedlings and flower crops
  • Suitable for watering, greenhouse, humidification and cooling

Type Watering Kits Model Number: Garden watering systems Material: Plastic 4/7 mm hose: 10m Water Connector: 1pc 4/7mm Tee: 2pcs 90 degrees 4/7mm hose Connector: 2pcs 4/7mm hose plug: 2pcs Gray spray nozzle with 4 / 7mm tee: 12pcs

Package Includes
  • 4/7 Mm Hose: 10MGray Spray Nozzle With 4 / 7Mm Tee: 12 PcsWater Connector: 1 PcsQuick Connector: 1Pc4/7 Mm Tee: 2Pcs90 Degrees Hose Connector: 2Pcs4/7 Mm Hose Plug