1080P Football Shape Mini Spy Camera HD DVR Camcorder Smallest Driving Recorder


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  • Mini DV Camera/Hidden Camera—With the football/soccer shape, this compact DV camera takes up less space allowing you to bring it anywhere and could be hidden in any place easily for the security of your home, office and so on.
  • Portable Camera/Carry It at Will—This mini camera with the hanger on the top could be placed in your backpack, bike, pet or anywhere it can be attached
  • Support Maximum 32G Memory Card/Remove The Card At Will—Worried that this camera comes with few internal memory? This mini camera supports the TF memory card whose storage is up to 32GB
  • Hidden Slots/Lifelike Decoration–The USB interface and TF card slot is hidden inside the upper cover of this football shape camera, making it more like a normal soccer pattern decoration
  • Occasion/Use It Anytime You Want—Besides placing this camcorder inside your office, house and so on, once you are willing to know everything about your pet when you are busy at work, you could also use it as a pet camera
  • This high-quality image HD full HD 1080P DV DC can give you a hand anytime you like
  • Small shape design, portable handheld DV DC
  • High-definition image recording can be performed under low illumination.
  • Built-in lithium battery for 60 minutes


Video Format: AVI   
video Coding: M-JPEG   
Video Resolution: 1920×1080P      
Video Frame Rate: 30fps   
Image Proportion: 16:9   
Vmd: Support
Waterproof: Not support   
Battery Type: Built in high capacity polylithium power   
Battery Capacity: 200mAh   
Working Hours: Sustainable video for 60 minutes   
Charging Voltage: DC-5V   
Storage: Support Up to 32G TF Cards   
Transmission Speed: high speed 2.0   
Interface Type: Mini 8pin USB   
Support System: Windows me 2000 XP 2003 Vista, For Mac Os, Linux   
Playback Software: System owned or mainstream video and audio playback software

Package Includes
  • 1 x SQ20 HD Camera
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Rope

Extra Info

Operational Guidelines
Charge: This machine has built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. When using this machine for the first time, please charge it first. It can be charged in the following ways:
1. Connect the computer to charge and use USB to connect the computer to charge.
When charging, the red light is always on. The blue light is flashing slowly and the full-charge red and blue light is always on. (After the red and blue light is on, please recharge for about 30 minutes to ensure that the battery is fully charged.)

Be careful:
1.When the battery power is insufficient, the DV red and blue lights flash for 5 seconds and then turn off directly and enter the protective state. (Recording file saving and automatic shutdown), please charge the machine at this time.
2.Turn on without card blue light and turn off automatically after 8 strokes.  
(There is no working mode after booting, and it will shut down automatically for 1 minute.)

1080P Video Operation:
Press the function button for 5 seconds to turn on the blue lamp for a long time and enter the standby mode. Press the function button once, the blue lamp flashes out three times and enters 1080P video recording. The lamp does not prompt during the video recording. The continuous video is automatically saved in segments for 5 minutes, and then press the function key for a long time to stop the video recording. The blue lamp will turn on for a long time and return to the standby mode.

1080P Mobile Detection Mode:
Long press the function key for 5 seconds to turn on the blue light and enter standby mode. Long press the function key for 3 seconds to turn off the red light for 3 seconds to turn on the mobile detection video mode. When an object is detected moving, the red and blue light simultaneously flashes off the 1080P mobile detection video for 5 minutes, automatically packs and saves, recycles and covers, and no object moves to standby until no electricity or TF card is full. (Press the function key to exit the mobile detection mode with the blue light on).

When the machine crashes, the keys are invalid and can not be used normally, the machine can be reset by pressing the insertion point of the reset hole keys with a pointed object. After reset, the machine can be used normally.

Turn Off:
In the stop (video, mobile detection) mode, it is necessary to shut down, press the function button for about 6 seconds, and turn off all the lights under 5 flashes. When standby mode does not use any function, standby for 1 minute automatically shut down.

Modify settings at your own time:
When the machine starts, it will automatically create a TIME text document in the TF Kagan directory (as shown in the figure), shut down and connect the computer with the data line. After the movable disk opens the TIME text document, edit the time it needs, such as format (time and seconds of year, month, day) 2017-06-12, 23:59:59 Y, save the text file, boot up and record the video, and the video saved file will show the compiled above. Time of compilation.

Connect the Computer:
In the state of boot, standby, and shutdown, the computer can be directly connected. After connecting to the computer, it can be used as a U disk. It is free to copy, clip, delete and format the U disk.
Connect the machine to the computer´s USB port. After a few seconds, the computer will appear the removable disk identification. The red light, blue light, and slow flash identification USB device can carry out data transmission.

If the computer is not recognized after connecting to the computer, or if the removable disk still does not appear after 30 seconds, please reset and re-insert it once.
It is suggested to use TF card reader to read video files directly for playback, while playback of video files stored in the built-in memory of the machine directly through USB connection may cause the playback to be not smooth because of the large amount of data and the transmission cannot keep up with it.