10m USB 2.0 Active Repeater Male to Female Extension Cable Adapter Cord New


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High Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Active Repeater M/F Extension Cable Adapter Cord A high-speed USB 2.0 extension cable with an active repeater is the best solution for your wired networking needs. With this cable, you can easily extend the working distance of your webcam, freely move your net adapter to a better location for your signal, connect your computer to a printer without needing proximity, and many other uses! This cable also works as an extension for the Kinect peripheral to your Xbox 360, giving you a greater freedom of motion for your gaming experience. This versatile cable is the only USB cable you'll ever need.

  • Provides up to 250mA of power to the connected device.
  • If your device requires more than 250mA of power, it will either need to have its own power supply or be plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub that is connected to the cable.
  • Use a standard 6, 10, or 15 ft. USB cable to reach the desired distance
  • Active repeater provides clarity of signal at longer distances than a normal cable

High-speed USB 2.0 Extension Cable Provides more Freedom for Your Networking
Supports data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps

Package Includes
  • 1 x USB Extension Cable with Active Repeater