10pcs/set 5ml Liquid Foundation Oil-control Brightening Serum Natural Nude Concealer Skin Whiteing BB Glow Skin Cream Makeup Kit


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Suitable for the crowd: uneven face, melanin, dark complexion, large pores, no time to make up the crowd, and peoplewho don´t make. up, can get the desired makeup through the technology of micro annotation, brightening up thecomplexion.

Foundation: new project, simple operation, front shop backyard can be, through micro needle technology, improve thefacial skin of the human body, always maintain a sense of makeup, really realize no make-up is aiso very beautiful.

  • By fixing makeup technology, it chooses the natural plant dressing liquid to select the skin color and fix the makeup on theface, so as t1.o achieve the effect of applying the foundation liquid and maintain certain people´s time.
  • Foundation operation process:
  • Cleansing: clean facial makeup to achieve a clean and refreshing state.
  • Hot Compress: hot compress for 5-10 minutes, aim to open the skin follile.
  • Disinfection: use alcohol or iodophor face disinfection, avoid eye parts, and then wipe the face with saline.
  • Put the foundation on the skin, according to the skin condition of the customer, use the face makeup foundation introduction instrument to start the counter clockwise circle operation evenly from the forehead, the general operation timeis 30–50 minutes.
  • After the operation, the face may appear reddish, which varies from person to person. You can use the gel gel to restorethe whole face or aseptic repair mask
  • Do not touch the water in the 6 hours after finishing the foundation. The taboo isspicy and spicy before the 3 days, and seafood should not be heavily dressed for the first 3 days.
  • Operating time interval of about 10 days, a maintenance time varies from person to person, generally maintain 10-20days, each time the skin will be different degrees of brightening and whitening to do more times, keep longer

Color Natural Color
Packing weight 172g
Packing type Color box packaging
Packing size 29 x 8.1 x 3.6 cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Liquid Foundation