15M Diy Drip Irrigation System Automatic Watering Garden Hose Micro Drip Garden Watering Kits With Adjustable Drippers


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Each dripper can be adjusted individually for each dripper set. You can adjust the drip rate according to the different water requirements of each plant. In the smallest case, you can completely close the dripper without dripping.

  • Watering all of your plants, vegetables, bonsai, trees easily via using this micro drip irrigation system.
  • Can be adjusted to accomodate flux accorrding to your needs.
  • This red 8-hole dripper can be adjusted from 'STOP WATER' to 'LARGE WATER'.
  • Save your time and water.
  • NOTE: This set can be connected with 4 points unthreaded (16-20MM) faucet, 4 points / 6 points with external thread faucet, and raw material belt. You can wrap around a few laps when you tap the faucet. Don't worry about your faucet not being able to get through or leaking water. The suit we sent is a spare part (DIY). Make full use of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. After cutting the tube, please use the freshly fired water-sprayed water pipe to cut the 0.5CM for 30 seconds each time, so that it can be connected without any effort.

Package Includes
  • 1 X Faucet Connector1 X Universal Connector1 X Tip Quick Connector1 X Raw Material Belt1 X 4/7 Capillary 15M20 X Adjustable Premium Dripper19 X 4/7 Positive Three Links20 X 4/7 Fixed Rods