1Hz-50MHz Five LED Display Frequency Counter


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  • Measured frequency range 1 hz to 50 MHZ (1HZ to 50 MHZ)
  • Can measure most commonly used crystals of oscillation frequency from 4mhz to 50mHz
  • Five precision resolution (e.g., 0.0050 KHZ, 0.0050 MHZ, 11.059 MHZ
  • Automatic range switching, do not need to switch
  • Programmable Settings, add and subtract frequency used for measuring the transceiver and other equipment
  • Optional power saving mode, did not change significantly within 15 seconds if frequency display will be automatically closed
  • Can use generic USB interface power supply, also can use an external power supply or 9V battery
  • Element number less, all into components, simple installation and debugging

Material PCB
Color Red
Frequency Range 1Hz-50MHz
Crystal Test Range about 4MHz-48MHz
Assembled Item Size 8 * 5.5 * 0.7cm
Weight 34g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Frequency Counter Kit
  • 1 x Transparent Housing