2.4 G wireless mouse creative wireless finger lazy mouse computer mobile phone flat ring mini bluetooth mouse – black


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  • Conforms to the innovation of science and technology of human body engineering design, a new concept of the mouse, the mouse operation between the thumb and forefinger and middle finger, using a mouse or typing at the same time, shorten the time of the hand the keyboard and mouse operation, light and easy to carry, does not occupy a space
  • 1200DPI support USB, the weight is only general optical slide mouse 1/3-1/4

Operation distance 10 meters2. Photoelectric resolution: 1600 (dpi)
Key 2
Interface USB
Wireless transmission frequency 2.4 GHz
Product material ABS
Product size 60 * 30 * 30mm
Packing size 122 * 100 * 35mm
Gross weight 58 g
Net weight 32 g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Mini Mouse