2 Color Eyebrow Enhancers Seductive Waterproof Eye Brow Gel with Double End Brush Long Lasting Eyes Makeup Set Kit 3# Black + Light Brown


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  • Brighten your eyebrow color, which give you attractive & glamorous eyes.
  • High resistance to sweat, water, and friction, it's long lasting effect because of multiple repair.
  • The special designed "Brush" can uniform to color conveniently, created the beautiful eyebrow easily.

Brand Music Flower
Name Eyebrow Enhancer
Net 10ml*2
Gross Weight 2.82oz / 80g

Package Includes
  • 1.1* 2 Colors Eyebrow Gel with brush/comb
  • 2.1* Retail Package

Extra Info

How to use:
1.Step 1 Dip into product with brush,hold vertically at beginning of brow and swipe in a side motion toward the arch to shape brow,
2.Step 2 Hold the brush at a 45'angle,and fill in brows to the arch using light,feathery stro