208 LED Outdoor Sensor Solar Light Integrated Waterproof Garden Wall light


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208 LED solar light is absolutely the best choice for courtyard or front door lighting. It can fully absorb solar light, store solar energy well, and have high conversion efficiency. People who can feel and walk around anytime and anywhere will light up immediately. With good waterproof performance, cold and heat resistance, not easy to damage.

  • The solar light is made of premium ABS material and has IP65 waterproof level, which can withstand all kinds of weather condition.
  • It has 3 light mode including constant light mode, human body interaction+weak light mode and human body sensing mode. Please press the button to select one of the modes.
  • The 208led sensor light uses the latest version of solar panels to withstand solar energy during the day. The built-in 18650 rechargeable battery stores the power supply for nighttime LED lights. Fully use solar energy, the electricity bill is 0! Zero carbon dioxide emissions!
  • This solar light has a built-in human sensor and light sensor. At night, within about 3 meters, people´s movements will be perceived and the lights will automatically light up. Once set, there is no need to specifically press the power switch. After people leaves, the light is automatically turned off after about 15~25 seconds.
    5. It is very suitable for installing on the wall, garden, yard, pathway, porch, etc.

Number of LED 208 LED
Sensor Mode Motion sensor
Sensitivity Distance 3-5m
Waterproof Rating IP65
Working Temperature -5-60℃
Shell Material ABS
Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 2000mAh

Package Includes
  • 1 x Solar Light