20Pcs Smiley Face Flying Kong Ming Sky Lanterns Chinese Traditional Wishing Lamp – Random Color


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  • Fay Night Balloons KongMing Sky Lanterns UFO Wishing Lamps
  • Create a romantic and fantastic atmosphere for your lovers on your date or special days
  • Write your wish on these lanterns and let it fly into the sky
  • Fantastic and romantic gadgets for your celebration party
  • Increase unbelievably funny for your special day
  • Provided with solid wax fuel, very convenient to use Note:Please be careful for the grass and tree,better to play on the spacious place or on the beach.

Item Name KongMing Sky Lantern
Material Fireproof Paper,Solid Fuel
Flight Height Up to 1000m (Approx)
Duration About 15-20 min (Approx)
Size 85 x 45 x32 cm each
Weight 15g/pcs
Color Random

Package Includes
  • 20 x KongMing Sky Lattern