23-in-1 Multi-function Wrench Adjustable Mini Wrench Universal Purpose Spanner


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  • Industrial grade multipurpose wrench made of high quality and high carbon steel.
  • The multipurpose wrench is heat treated and has high hardness. 
  • Big torque good toughness durable and durable.
  • One wrench can twist 23 kinds of thread.
  • An arm-wrench, with half a shell box saved, was a good helper.
  • Let your work come easily.
  • Telescopic rod inclined head design and nut more rele vant.
  • Tightly stuck nuts, Uniform rorsion strength-force improve the work efficiency.
  • Roller adopts CR-V alloy steel material excellent hardness, not easy to damage.
  • Wrench small size, convenient and flexible operation, save energy. Simple compact and easy to carry.
  • The scope of application Suitable for high-altitude operations, factory assembly, auto repair industry or do not want to carry too many socket wrench customers use.
  • NOTE: The inside of the wrench is not flat on the inside of the cylinder.This is because many screws are generally not on the flat surface. When they are twisted, there are obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary to be inclined to screw the screw. This design is for the wrench to be screwed at a 35° angle.Both the inner wall of the wrench and the apex of the cylinder are inclined and appear to be normal.


 Product Name  Metric & Inch Self-adjusting Wrench
 Material  Chrome Vanadium Steel
 Product specifications  6-19mm metric & imperial
 Product Color  Silver
 Product weight  305g
 Wrench Use Range Parameter
 Big head parameters  Metric system: 12mm-13mm-14mm-15mm-16mm-17mm-18mm-19mm
 Imperial system: 1/2-9/16-5/8-11/16-3/4
 Small head parameters  Metric system: 7mm-8mm-9mm-10mm-11mm
 Imperial system: 1/4-5/16-11/32-3/8-7/16

Package Includes
  • 1 x Wrench

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