2mm*1m Copper Aluminum Cored Wire Low Temperature Aluminium Welding Rod


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  • Welding effect is good: its welding effect is full, smooth! With the help of internal powder. With low melting point, good fluidity, hardness and toughness, good sealing. Do not have to use other flux powder
  • Direct use: do need any flux poweder, open package that is used! Very convenient! Easy to weld
  • Welding: firsst use sandpaper to polish brass and aluminum tube welding parts (must to clean metal surface's paint, oxide, oil, etc), moving the gun to be heated evenly welding parts, and then continue to use the electrode to be welded When the temperature rises to 360 degrees, the copper and aluminum welding rod to melt and evenly into the joint, Remove the torch after the weld is full , waiting cooling is OK. No further treatment after cooling, flux residue is visible but not corrosive, non-hygroscopic and firmly attached

Products Name Welding Rod
Diameter 2.00mm
Length 1m/3m/5m (Optional)
Melting Temperature 360 Degrees Centigrade
Material Copper Aluminum Flux Cored

Package Includes
  • 1 x Welding Rod (1m)

Extra Info

Suitable for:
1. Transformers and reactors' aluminum and copper joints' copper and aluminum foil's welding
2. Refrigerator and air conditioning's condenser / evaporator's aluminum pipe and brass's welding
3. Radiators, motors, batteries, h