2pcs Traceless Nano Magic Tape Washable Double Sided Adhesive Tape for Home / Car 3cm x 3m / 1.2in x 9.8ft – Blue


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This strong adhesive tape suits to your every need!
1. From hanging pictures and posters, keeping rugs from moving around, for using as a furniture stop, to everyday Gel Pads used like organizing cables, place items to your walls for a short time, sticking your phone,keys or pens to any surface or just sticking anything to anywhere else!
2. This magic adhesive tape is better than cleaning mud, also really effective to remove the pet hair, dust on clothing and computers.
3. It can also be used as an anti slip pad for car, hold small items as key, pen, phone and so on.

Get Creative and Change your life with anti slip grip tape!
Features of the multifunctional traceless washable tape:
1.Super stickiness,can hold many small items on smooth surfaces without slipping.
2. Easy to remove and with no damage to walls and surfaces!
3. Washable, just wash and re-use after they get dry! Can be reused more than 1000 times.
4.Cut to any length and Stick! With the unique sizes and the ability to be cut to any length, is perfect for any job!
5. Will work in perfectly in a temperature range from -20-120℃.

1. Please keep the contact surface of the sticky adhesive tape clean and dry. Press hard this super adhesive tape holder for 5 seconds after sticking. You can use the anti-slip tape stick on many surfaces, such as wood/metal/plastic/glass and so on.
2. Not suitable on delicate surface, lime wall, rough surface, granular surface.
3.Avoid putting some valuable or irreplaceable items vertically on it for a long time.
4.If you want to use it to hold things vertically, please do not hold items more than 2.2lb.
5.It is not recommended to fix things vertically for a long time, suitable for acting as a perfect anti slip pad on a level surface.

  • Multi-Functional Anti Slip Tape】 It can be utilized to hang pictures and posters, keep the rug from moving around and fix furniture. These double sided adhesive tape can also be utilized as a daily gel pad to fix cable, put the item on the wall, stick the phone or tablet to any surface or just stick it to anything else! Get Creative and Change your life with Washable Nano Gel Tape.
  • Convenient to Use】Washable and reusable nano Gel formula there are an infinite amount of potential uses. It means you can measure and cut the length to suit your every need. This adhesive tape is also easy to remove, just take a corner and gently pull it away with a steady force, leave no residue.
  • Reusable Tape】This non-skid tape made of quality PU material, reliable and washable, wash it at once after use and then you can get a new one tape, easy to wash and air-dry. Eco-Friendly nano adhesive tape is safe and when you're done with it, it can easily be recycled. This gel adhesive tape can work in perfectly in a temperature range from -20℃~120℃.
  • Wide Application】Widely using for cell phone screen protector, LCD panel display, tablet PC, lens, battery, and camera cover, rubber pads ,billboard, advertising, sign post, poster, 3d card making, home, office, workshop etc.
  • Pay Attention】This double sided adhesive tape is suitable for smooth, clean and dry surface, can be applied to ceramic tile, glass, metal, plastic and so on, hold your items firmly. It is not recommended to fix things vertically for a long time, suitable for acting as a perfect anti slip pad on a level surface. It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.

Package Includes
  • 2 Roll x Double Side Tape (3cm x 3m / 1.2in x 9.8ft)