2pcs USB Powered Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Lamp White


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  • use: Summer. Mosquitoes always make us annoyed. Electric mosquito lamp can kill mosquitoes and other flying insects perfectly. Quickly remove mosquitoes. No stickiness. Messy poison or spray. Just 4 steps (open killer / light temptation / fan inhalation / stuck in a trap). You will stay away from mosquitoes main feature
  • 365nm human body simulation light. Effectively attract mosquitoes
  • Widely compatible USB port. Easily powering light bulbs
  • Low decibel noise reduction technology. Does not affect your sleep
  • Strong suction fan. Quickly catch mosquitoes
  • Auger anti-escape device. Let mosquitoes have nowhere to escape
  • No radiation. Non-toxic. Safe for humans and pets

Material ABS
Voltage 5V
Current 1A
Frequency 50Hz
band 365nm
Applicable area 20-30 square meters
Product size 19.0*12.5*12.5cm
Packing size 19.5×13.0×13.0cm
Product weight 270g(1pc)
Package weight 360g

Package Includes
  • 2 x Mosquito killer
  • 2 x USB cable