3/16 Inch Garden Irrigation Brass Misting Spray Nozzle Cooling Humidification Sprinkler-05#5010


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  • Can not be blocked easily and save water
  • Spray evenly, can be effectively improved the quality and production efficiency
  • Can effectively adjust the humidification amount and the spray effect
  • Fine mist spot are, up to 3-7 microns, fully atomized, energy saving, low cost and good effect

Material Brass
Thread Diameter 4.5mm, 3/16"
Installation Internal Thread Connection
Working Pressure 10*70kg/cm
Purpose Humidification, Dust, Cooling, Landscaping
Atomizing Nozzle Type #0: Pore Diameter: 0.10mm;Spray Volume: 10-25cc/min #1: Pore Diameter: 0.15mm; Spray Volume: 20-46cc/min (Frequently used) #2: Pore Diameter: 0.20mm; Spray Volume: 49-89cc/min (Frequently used) #3: Pore Diameter: 0.30mm; Spray Volume: 80-145cc/min #4: Pore Diameter: 0.40mm; Spray Volume: 95-178cc/min #5: Pore Diameter: 0.50mm; Spray Volume: 130-243cc/min

Package Includes
  • 1 X Brass Misting Nozzles