3W 12V Side Optical Fiber Light Source / Car Atmosphere Light Guide Strip Led Light Source 6mm Green


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Imported high-brightness light source chip, precision heat-dissipating aluminum and aluminum materials to ensure heat dissipation, safety and stability. Highly concentrating lens, small injection angle makes the fiber effectively receive light, and the side screw fastening design effectively fixes the fiber to prevent falling off.The diameter of the light source is: 3MM-5MM-6MM-8MM-10MM; select according to the required thickness of the fiber···

Application scenarios: car atmosphere lights, advertising decoration, family atmosphere lights, KTV atmosphere lights, coffee shops, restaurant atmosphere lights, toy molds, computer decoration…

Voltage DC 12V (red + black -)
Current 300mA
Power 3W
Color Green
Caliber Ф6MM (with tightening function)
Working temperature -40℃ – 80℃
LED lamp life 50,000 hours
Housing material Aluminum
Light source length 38MM
Light source diameter 13.5MM

Package Includes
  • 1 x Side Optical Fiber Light Source

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