40mm dial quartz movement nylon fashion watch unisex Type A


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1, please don't will watch and Magnetic of objects close to each other;
2, in case of water phenomenon (have air) should be immediately send maintenance points cleaning so as not to movement corrosion;
3, if back with protective sheet or with stickers when Please in "with before will they off, otherwise the sweat will into the protection the backing sheet in lead to back rust;
4, do not will watch contact various solvent and all kinds of chemical drug, or case strap and will by erosion and color, corrosion;
5, watch (limited to quartz watch) in at room temperature 5 °C ~ 35 °C of range in can be stable and accurate operation, temperature ultra-50 °C will lead to battery leakage or shorten battery life. Do not will table long time on low temperature-10 °C environment in, because air conditioning will lead to time go slow or go fast when watch return at room temperature run response is normal;


Dial Diameter : 40mm
Case Thickness : 6.9mm
Band Length : 24cm
Band Width : 20mm
Watch strap material: canvas belt
Watch case material: alloy
Watch mirror material: glass
Movement: Quartz
Dial Colors : Golden

Package Includes
  • 1 x watch