501B 5mw 405nm Purple Beam Light Single Dot Light Style Laser Pointer Pen Red


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This 501B 5mw 405nm Purple Beam Light Single Dot Light Style Laser Pointer Pen gives out bright light beam, which is surely a best helper for pointing in long distance! The eye-catching beam color provides clear indicating, and the long lighting distance reaches far away, very practical. Designed in compact size, it is easy to carry and grip, and the case is made of high-level material for distinctive hand feeling. Grasp the chance and get one right now! It won’t let you down!

  • Eye-catching beam color to draw people’s attentions
  • Powerful design for high brightness
  • Practical for occasions like astronomy observation, sight-seeing and presentation
  • Long lighting distance to reach targets far away
  • Compact size and light weight for easy gripping
  • High-ended hand feeling due to the case made of premium material

Key Words Purple Laser Beam
Light Color Purple
Light Style Single-point
Body Color Red
Material Aviation Aluminum
Wave Length 405nm
Output Power 5mw
Battery 1 x 16340 Battery (Not Included)
Switch Location Tailcap
Strap/Clip Strap Included
Operating Voltage DC 3V
Working Voltage 650mA
Operating Temperature 15℃ ~ 30℃
Storage Temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Dimensions (5.32 x 1.38 x 0.98)" / (13.5 x 3.5 x 2.5)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 3.00oz / 85g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Laser Pointer Pen

Extra Info


  • Don′t allow the laser beam to enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to eyes, any contact will cause permanent damage. Not the laser point to the crowd, especially in the face.
  • Don′t look directly with your eyes or using binoculars and other equipment to observe the laser beam on the remote control. Never let the laser point to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces.
  • Please keep the laser pointer away from children (especially the high powered ones) in order to avoid the damage by the children′s contacting.
  • Please don′t light laser pointer continually in 30 seconds and press the button hard, it will affect its lifetime for prolonged use.
  • Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use.
  • Need to disassemble, adjust or repair, please get professional maintenance technicians.
  • The use of laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal in some countries. Therefore, customers can buy and use it by following the local laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also need to incorporate this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can be well informed before making purchasing decision.