5pcs/lot Tire Repair Strip for Scooter Car Motorcycle


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How to use:1. The tire puncture site do a mark, and pull out was punctured item2. Using the tyre probe proved broken hole Penetrated direction, along the direction of the break hole insert into, to clear the broken hole dust debris3. The end of tape cut into oblique mouth wear into aperture hole, make the both ends of tape length consistent4. The tape pin along the broken hole insert the tires, ensure the Tape is inserted 2/3 length ( must be determined the tape wear into the tire body, avoid after inflated the tape slide out), rotate 360 degrees pin and removing the pin5. Remainder of the tire tapes, leaving 5mm tape the rest cut off

  • Superior adhesion, wear-resistant and durable, long service life Suitable for motorcycle, car vacuum tire repair
  • It Can Be Used for All Kinds of Tubeless Tires
  • No Need for Glue
  • Essential for vehicles with tubeless tires, this Car Tire Repair Kit will let you mend the puncture quickly and effectively and have you on your way again within minutes
  • A purchase to meet the needs of multiple use, not because of repeat purchases and a waste of money
  • Convenient to use and so easy to install
  • Great tire repair tool,mend the puncture easily
  • Help to avoid an uncomfortable roadside type change
  • Super professional and long using time

Material Butyl Rubber
Thickness approx. 6mm
Length approx. 10cm
Quantity 5pcs/set

Package Includes
  • 5 x Tire Repair Strip