5pcs Saw Blade + 3.2mm Rod High Speed Steel Cutting Set


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This set contains 5pcs saw blade with 3.2mm rod. High-speed steel is hard, can cut iron, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.! It is a good tool for carving work.

Product configuration 5pcs saw blade + 3.2mm rod
Saw blade specifications 22mm/25mm/32mm/35mm/44mm
Saw blade thickness 0.8mm
Material high speed steel
Saw blade inner diameter size 6.35mm
Product features with electric grinder, can cut iron, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.
Product size 4.4 x 4.4 x 0.1cm
Net weight 25g

Package Includes
  • 5 x Saw blade
  • 1 x Rod