6pcs 30 LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light for Outdoor Garden


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About This Item
Here we are highly recommended this Solar Powered Panel Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Lamp to you. It will be your best choice! It adopts low power consumption, long lifespan, anti-shock, environment friendly, soft colors and high illuminence etc. Made of high quality ABS material, it is durable in use. In addition, it is cost-effective and it can greatly reduce your electric charge. That is an environmentally friendly product. Please take action as soon as possible!
  • 2 sensors: light sensor and sensitive motion sensor, save energy
  • Solar powered, easy for installation
  • Auto identify day or night
  • Switch inside for saving power during shipment
  • Great useful lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, driveway etc.
  • Charge by free sunlight and light in dark when people near around 10ft close
  • Green power, green lighting
  • UV protects ABS body, never fade
Solar Powered, 0 Electricity Super Energy Saving
0 Electricity for the Whole Year
Intelligent Light Sensor, Auto Identify Day or Night Charging by Free Sunlight Automatically
Lighting in Dark Automatically
Sensitive Motion Sensor The PIR Motion Sensor detects anyone approaching (near around 10ft) will switch the LEDs from Low Power to High Power Light.
Long Working Time: 8 Hours Can work continuously for over 6-8 hours once fully charged
Tips: You′d better point the solar panel directly to the sun, or it will not bright enough when working.
High Quality UV Protects ABS Material Durable & Never Fade in Use
Professional Waterproof: IP64 Its waterproof design can effectively prevent rainwater from getting inside, which makes sure it can work properly in rainy days.
Easy Installation No wiring needed. It can be arbitrarily installed.
Automatically switch on and stay low power light at dusk. The PIR motion sensor detects anyone approaching will switch the LED′s from low power to high power light for 15 seconds.
Product Details
Item Type Solar Light
Wattage 3.6W
Voltage 3.7V
Light Source LED Bulbs
LED Quantity 30 Pcs
Power Source Solar
Working Time 8 Hours
Material ABS
Color Black
Dimensions (4.84 x 3.54 x 1.97)" / (12.3 x 9 x 5)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 4.90oz / 139g(1pc)
Package Includes
  • 6 x Solar Wall Light