8L Portable EPS Foam Warming Cooling Car Vehicle Refrigerator Incubator Freezer Fridge Double Use For Car Home Warmer


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1. This product mainly to insulation, no electricity.
2. Good insulation performance. Insulation: (into the food can maintain the temperature above 40 degrees Celsius 6-8 hours); cold storage: (with the use of ice bricks can be cold as long as 48 hours or more)
3. With proprietary handle design, easy to carry.
4. High-intensity HDP shell and strength to strengthen roof, firm and durable; outdoor can be used as a chair, stool, etc.
5. Cover the mouth of the magnetic strip, better insulation and sealing.
6. Can easily store the refrigerato between front seat and the armrest box, can also be placed in the car seat or trunk.
7. Application: Cold storage (fruit, beverages, general medicine, adult dairy products, cosmetics skin care products);Insulation (meals, coffee, baby milk, etc.)
8.Usage occssion: 
A. banquet picnic camping at the lake
B. Use for taxi drivers
C. Cold medicines
D. Refrigerated fresh milk
E. Car travel
F. Yacht or go fishing
G. On the wagon
H. Refrigerated cosmetics
J. Home use


1. Color: Blue bottom white cover
2. Cabinet material: Food grade PP
3. Insulation material: EPS foam
4. Capacity: 8L
5. Size:
Outside size: about 32 * 24 * 21cm / 12.60 * 9.45 * 8.27 in
Inside size: about 28.3 * 19.5 * 16 cm / 11.14 * 7.68 * 6.30 in

Package Includes
  • 1 x cooler box