8pcs BoldClash CM-03 716 19000KV Coreless Brushed Motor for BWhoop B03 Pro


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Brand BoldClash 
Model Brushed Motor 716 M – 03
Dimensions 7mm * 16mm * 0.8mm (Diameter * Length * Axis Diameter)
RPM 70000rpm (3.7V) ± 15%
Suitable for BWhoop B03 pro, B03, E011 and 7mm Motor Frame
Pin Type Micro – JST – 1.25
Speed 70000RPM± 15% / 3.7V (No Loaded)
KV 19000Kv± 15%
Running Voltage 0.8 – 3.7V
Current ≤ 200mA (No loaded )

Insulation Resistance

≥(10) MΩ 
Stall Current ≤ 450mah
Can Diameter 7mm
Can Length 16mm
Shaft Length 5mm
Shaft Diameter 0.8mm
Wire Length 50mm
Weight 3.4g (w / plug)
Rated Lifespan 5 – 6 Hours

1.Do not lock the motor shaft  while the electric is on.The motor will be burnt out if the motor shaft is locked for more than 1 minute
2.It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high humidity,and not allowed to contact with corrosive liquid and corrosive gas.
3.Forbid to be store and without running continuously for more than 6 months.
4.Do not hit the motor directly.
5.Black&White Wire for CCW;Red&Blue Wire for CW(Normal)

Package Includes
  • 4 x CW Coreless Brushed Motors(Red&Blue Wire)
  • 4 x CCW Coreless Brushed Motors(Black&White Wire)
  • 8 x micro jst PH-1.25 Motor Female Plug
  • 2 x Manual
  • 8 x Motor Rubber