8pcs Reusable Stove Burner Covers, Anti-Dust/Oil Washable Gas Range Protectors


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Annoyed about stains around gas stove? Any dust or oil stain will lead to a totally inaesthetic look of your kitchen. Don′t worry! We have fantastic protector for keeping your gas stove clean all the time. These are 4pcs Reusable Gas Hob Protector Stove Protecting Plate for Dust Moist Oil. It is made of premium fiber cloth, wear-resistant to use. Smooth surface with dust-proof and oil-proof performance is easy to wash.

Hate scrubbing your stovetop Simply place these fiberglass stovetop protectors over your gas burner areas, and your stovetop will stay clean and protected. Protectors easily catch splatters and spills.

And this repeatedly used protector can be wiped clean with soapy water. What an economical and practical item!



  • Protect your gas cooker from burning on spills
  • Perfect for most types of gas ranges
  • Can be cut to size
  • Non-Stick and Reusable
  • More durable ,last much longer
  • No warping, wrinkling or folding!
  • Dishwasher-safe (And easier to clean by hand)
  • WARNING: Avoid direct contact with flames or heating elements to avoid possible injuries, or damaging of the product.Protectors are not 100% fireproof. Trim pre-cut inner circle to fit the burner; trim outer edges if necessary. Make sure protector is kept at least 0.5 inch from the flame when when set to max.
  • Q&A
    Question: You may wonder why it is heat resistant but not fireproof.Does it has contradictory?
    Answer: No. It has no contradictory. As the fire of stove burner is at least 1800°F, but the gas stove top covers just can resist about 500°F. Now at this price, there is no reusable product can resist above 1800°F. This is the reason why it is heat resistant but not fireproof. Please take note it.

Package Includes
  • Gas Range Stove Burner Covers (8 Pack Set)

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