Abrasion Flame Resistant Durable Leather Foot Protector Welding Spats Safety Boot


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The welding spats safety boot is 100% brand new and high quality protective safety boot shoe covers. Cowhide leather provides a good mix of durability, abrasion resistance, comfort and it is applied in welding. One size with adjustable velcro fits most all of you.

  • Durability: made of high – quality cowhide, it is structurally strong, wear – resistant, heat – resistant and has good fire resistance.
  • Suitable workplace: suitable for welding, splash proof, heat resistant, slaughter, automotive, machinery, glass processing, sparks, splashes, slag, high temperature operations, cutting and other workplaces.
  • Adjustable: The legs feature an extra – wide adjustable hook & loop for most people. Use an elastic strap to ensure the shoe cover is closer to the foot and fits the different foot types.
  • Protection: Provides comprehensive protection for your shoes and legs.
  • Can be cleaned many times and can still be used.

Item Type Welding Spats Safety Boot
Material Leather
Use Range Electric Welding, Metallurgy, Machinery Factory.
Function Leg and Foot Protection
Color Orange

Package Includes
  • 1 x Welding Spats Safety Boot

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