AC Charger for Blackberry Bold 8700 9500 Battery


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The Battery Charger produced by professional manufacturer is perfect for blackberry. This Blackberry 8700 Battery Charger is of long service life, reasonable price, perfect performance, fast charging.Light weight is easy for you to take away.

Superb quality and definitely durable
Charge your mobile phone and battery at the same time
Convenient and attractive way to charge your handset in your home or office
Holding your phone whilst charging avoiding scratches and damage to the phone
Size: 6 x 3.8 x 2.2 cm (approx)
Input: AC 100V – 240V  50/60Hz  0.15A
Output: DC 4.2V  350mA ±50mA
USB port output: DC 5.2V  800mA
US plug
Charge status LED turns from red to blue when battery is fully charged
Compatible with:
For BlackBerry 8700/9500

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Cell-phone battery care tips:
1) Charging time should be no more than necessary charging period ( generally 5~7 h) to extend battery life.
2) The first charging time for the new battery should be over 12 hours, repeat 3~5 times.
3) If you run out battery and charge up battery, you can extend maximum battery life.
4) It is better to turn off cell phone, when you charge it that can protect your cell phone parts.
5) Keep the battery contacts away from greasy and moist.
6) Don’t throw the battery into water or fire.

Package Content:

1 x AC Charger for Blackberry Bold 8700 9500 Battery (US Plug)

AC Charger for Blackberry Bold 8700 9500 Battery
AC Charger for Blackberry Bold 8700 9500 Battery