AK16 All-in-One PUBG Mobile Game L1R1 Trigger Fire Button Stretchable Shooter Joystick Gamepad for IOS Android Phone Black


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Why choose this fire gamepad? Comfortable grip, sensitive buttons, you can have more advantages in playing against non-gamepad players, Winner winner, chicken dinner!
Supported devices: for 4.6-6.5 inch IOS phone and Android phone
Supported games, but not limited to: Survival rules, Knife out, PUBG Mobile, Important actions… Any shooting game where you can set the button position.
Step1: Click the "setting"in the menu
Step2: Click the "operation setting"and open the "user-defined panel"
Step3: Move the "shooting"and "aim"to the correct superposition
Step4: Istall the device to phone
Step5: Before playing games,lock the phone screen for 3 seconds,then unlock phone screen to activated trigger
Step6: Enter the simulation battlefield test

  • – Touch-sensitive shooting left hand movement, right hand aim
  • – Left upper shot
  • – Fingers can gently touch contact sensitivity
  • – Most touch screen devices
  • – Not limited to mobile phones and thickness
  • – Lightweight and portable
  • – Stretchable and adjustable
  • – Cellphone max size is 6.5 inch

Material PC Metal
Color Black
Size 140mm*130mm*45mm
Product Weight 103g
Gross Weight 129g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Gamepad