Anti-bite Masks Duck Mouth Mask Pets Accessories 1 Pc Dog Products Dog Muzzle Non-toxic Silicone Multifunction – Pink L


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You don't know how much peace of mind it has.Cute mouthpieces, anti-mite, anti-disorder, anti-biting, anti-chaos.Prevent bites, go out and put on your mouth, avoid the dog from inadvertently hurting passers-by, and avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.Prevent eating out, eat everything on the road when you go out, the most annoying. Thinking about the health of dogs.Preventing chaos, the dog is coated with a drug after being injured, and it is afraid that the dog will go to the sputum and wear a mouthpiece to protect the dog! Prevent food foraging! Guarantee health.Preventing roaring, when you sleep well, you are afraid that the dog will suddenly yell; walking on the road is most afraid of the dog yelling and attracting a group of gaze, let the dog shut up quietly.

  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Safe and durable products for your pet.
  • Make your pets looking like a cute duckling,help it become more quietly and lovely.
  • Soft material keep your pets comfortable.
  • 3 sizes for choosing.
  • Great new year gift for your dog or cat.

Material TPR + Cotton Webbing
Color Blue,Coffee,Red,Purple,Orange,Yellow,Green,Pink

Package Includes
  • 1 x Pet Muzzle