Anti Pollen Dust Mask High Quality Space Cotton Washable Comfortable Mask Breathable Easy Breathing Mouth Mask – Black


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Adopting new space cotton material, our Anti Pollen Dust Mask High Quality Space Cotton Washable Mouth Mask is very comfortable and breathable to wear. It can be washed and reused. Perfect for schools, hospitals, outdoors activities, traveling, gardening, painting, construction, cleaning, cycling, running, hiking and in many other activities.

  • Adopting new space cotton material, a light high efficency heat preservation material. Make it air permeability and comfort to wear.
  • Thin to 2 mm air/aerobic respiration is no burden.
  • This mask will keep safe your mouth by protecting from all dust, air polluted place, vehicles smoke, and sandy air.
  • 3D design show thin face, tightly facial outline, every inch of skin, comfortable show thin. It is enough to make you fashion thin face out of the door.
  • Washable durability, can be used repeatedly washed last, placed the shade to dry after washing them.
  • Suitable for various scenarios of all ages. Whether you today is sports clothes, or work, or a suit and tie, or leisure cowboy, or students, can match.

Material Space Cotton
Color Black

Package Includes
  • 1 x Mouth Mask Black