Automatic Wall Mount Toothpaste Dispenser Waterproof Toothpaste Squeezers Wheat Straw Durable Dustproof Bathroom Accessories


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100% new high quality, high style.Wall-mounted, non-marking lazy automatic toothpaste dispenser.Dust-proof wheat straw squeezed toothpaste.How to use: Wipe the wall clean; uncover the protective film on the back of the non-marking glue; press the non-marking glue to the wall; install the toothpaste; squeeze the toothpaste tube to discharge the air; push the 3-5 times for the first time, then use the push once Just fine.Non-contact operation and free hand squeeze to obtain toothpaste. Compared with other toothpastes, this toothpaste dispenser can obtain more accurate and stable toothpaste, which is very suitable for adults and children.Allow your child to dispense their own toothpaste without having to manually squeeze the toothpaste and a messy scene.The connection is provided with a magnet, which allows you to easily remove the cover and replace the toothpaste and clean it. When the cover is installed, it will not fall automatically.The toothpaste dispenser is made of the finest wheat straw + PP material and is reliable and durable for safe use.The automatic toothpaste dispenser uses vacuum technology to extract the last drop of toothpaste, avoiding direct contact and maintaining economy.Wonderful bathroom accessories to prevent mess and bacteria.Cool lifestyle trends encourage you to lead a better life.


Material: wheat straw + PP
Size: 11.4*7*6 cm/4.5 * 2.8*2.4"
Weight: 128 g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Automatic Wall Mount Toothpaste