Battery Capacity Tester with LCD Indicator for 12V Lead Acid


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  • Using Instruction: (1) Key operation: The one white buttons on the back of the indicator are used to select parameters (2) Batteries model selection:
  • Power off the indicator
  • Hold key
  • Power the indicator on
  • Release button,then the screen will display for symbols in English: "XP" or "XC" ,x is the number of cells, then users can select batteries model by keys in the following order: P1: Pb12V lead-acid battery P2: Pb24V lead-acid battery P3: not work P4: not work C2: 2 pcs lithium batteries C3: 3 pcs lithium batteries C4: 4 pcs lithium batteries C5: 5 pcs lithium batteries C6: 6 pcs lithium batteries C7: 7 pcs lithium batteries C8: not work C15: not work

Input Voltage 8-30V
Input Current 5-12mA
Dimension 4.8×2.5×1.6cm Drawing
Hole size 36 x 12mm
Fixing screws spacing 44mm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Battery Capacity Indicator