Beard Cream Beauty Joan Beard Growth Cream Promotes the Growth of Whiskers to Moisturize and Smooth to Prevent Splitting and Shedding to Thicken and Strengthen


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Usage Method:Clean the skin with warm water, apply a proper amount to the area where you need to grow hair, apply it evenly andrepeatedly, and then completely absorb it! Once in the morning and evening, pay attention to the appropriate dosage. lf you don't pay attention to the place that doesn'tneed to be long, please wipe it off with a paper towel intime!

  • Rich in natural botanical ingredients, it promotes the growth of whiskers while moisturizing and smoothing, preventingbifurcation and shedding, making it thick and reinforced. Effective preventing itching and dryness, making the beardshiny and sleek, and emitting different charm.

Net content 30g
Weight 38.4g
Packing Color Box Packaging
Material Plastic
Packing size 5.8×2.2×5.7cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Beard Cream