Behogar USB Powered Electric Silent Photocatalyst LED Mosquito Insect Killer Trap Light Lamp Outdoor Pest Control Repellent


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1. Physical mosquito control does not contain chemical substances, biomimetic physical mosquito control lamp.
2. External fin reflector is designed to enhance the coverage of light wave to attract mosquitoes.
3. Large area trapping mosquitoes with purple lightwave, reflecting light inside, mosquitoes are attracted to fly into the top of the airway. Weak light is soft and can attract mosquitoes to approach, further inducing mosquitoes close to the bottom of the strong light fan to quickly suck them into the mosquito storage box, drying and dehydrating to death.
4. Guiding the gathering airflow to concentrate on the main airway, and booming suction air pressure to expand mosquitoes in and out.
5. Seven-leaf fan with large air volume and strong mosquito suction, principle design of swirling airflow, with the airway to produce a huge wind pressure, enhance suction, mosquito control effect greatly enhanced.



Material:ABS Plastic
Light wave:365NM


Package Includes
  • 1 x Photocatalyst anti-mosquito lamp