Carbon Monoxide Sound Warning CO Safety Detector


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CO: sensitivity&time1. 50ppm, alarms with 60-90mins2. 100ppm, alarms with 10-40mins3. 300ppm, alarms with 3mins

  • LCD displayer with a blue back ground light
  • Lound 85 dB alarm
  • Permanent carbon monoxide sensor
  • Test button to verify that the unit is functioning properly
  • Green and red LED lights indicate normal operation and alarm status
  • The unit will "Beep" and green green LED will flash once powered up
  • The alarm will emit 4 short alarm beeps when Carbon Monoxide is detected and will emit continuous beeps when smoke is detected
  • The alarm will also emit continuos beeps when both smoke and carbon monoxide are detected at the same time
  • One "beep" every 30 seconds is an indication that the battery is low(needs replacement) or the unit is malfunctioning

Standby current 100uA
Alarm current 75mA

Package Includes
  • 1x Combination Smoke and CO Alarm
  • 1x User Manual
  • 2x Expansion screws