CCFL Tester Repair LCD TV Screen Laptop Display Backlight Lamps Test Tools DC12V


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A good tool for maintenance personnel ! When we repair LCD screen or car angel eye hid headlights, and see a little shadow from very dark screen or get inverter protection, it's very difficult to know if problem comes from the CCFL tube or inverter

  • Ergonomically and qulity standard for point measuring high voltage
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • The ground wire has a plug connected to the tester and an alligator at its other end
  • You can test all CCFL lamp, and be aware of not generate high voltage arc that can damage the lamp
  • It's very easy for test LCD screen, CCFL advertising signs, motor angel eye hid headlights ect
  • The PLL Pluss tester can test all sizes of CCFL lamps from 3 inches to 55 inches
  • Red pushbutton ON/ OFF safety. Connecting the 12V DC adapter (not included) to the tester, the LED will be green indication that power is ready. The tester will have high tension voltage at its tip wihle the LED turns red (indicationg alertness) by pressing the button, then you can test the lamps. The LED will turns green (sleep) by pressing the button for 3 seconds

Input DC 12V 2A
Fits for 3-55 inch TV
Material Plastic + Metal
Color Blue

Package Includes
  • 1 x CCFL Tester
  • 1 x Output Cable
  • 3 x LCD Display Adapt Cable

Extra Info

1. Do not connect the lamp to the tester for long time. Always make sure contact the probe tip to the ending of the lamp to be tested.
2. Be careful not to be hit y high voltage!