Charging Models Pearl White Head Electric Massage Comb Rechargeable New Mini Massager Multi-Function Heating Portable Vibration to Promote Blood Circulation to Relieve Stress


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  • PRODUCT EFFICACY – The vibrating massage function physically massages the head and stimulates the brain. It can also improve the blood circulation, enhance memory and relieve fatigue. It also has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on preventing insomnia, tinnitus, deafness and dizziness.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN – With ergonomics and reference to the human hand, the whole product is full of artistic sense, and simple operation will start.
  • HIGH-POWERED TOUCH HEAD – High-frequency vibrating touch head, up to 8,500 vibrations per minute, soothing tension and relaxation, and a comfortable touch.
  • ONE-MINUTE HEAD CARE – Comb from the forehead to the temple and slide back and forth along the hair ends. Comb from the circumference of the face to the top of the head. Start from the temple and comb to the top of the head, and take care of it again. Comb from the neck to the back of the brain and slide obliquely.


Product Name: Head Massager
Color: White
Size: about 80*230*50mm
Temperature: about 42.
Power mode: rechargeable
Body material: ABS
Head material: plating induction layer
Cleaning method: dust, dry cloth can be wiped. Stubborn stains, alcohol cotton can wipe off the stains.

Package Includes
  • 1 x Head Massager1 x USB charging cable