Classic Vintage Clockwork Wind Up Candle Ship Reminiscence Children Kids Tin Toys


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Tin toys belongs to adult collection,traditional toys and handmade toys,which are good for collect lovers. When you play it for the first time,please don't wind up too tight and the best cycle is 3.

  • This boat has bright color and modern vintage-style
  • Wind it up with the
  • All metal construction, comes to you brand new in box
  • A perfect collectible decoration for adult
  • Great toy for children Using ways:
  • First: Blowing the water through a straw or needle to pull the water into one of the copper pipe until the other copper pipe can overflow of the water
  • Second: Light the one or two candle and put it over the platform
  • Third: Put the platform into the boat and make the flame align the water tank
  • Forth: When the water tank had been hotted,the boat will swim in the water

Shape Boat
Material Tin
Size 13cm*4cm*6cm
Weight 75g

Package Includes
  • 1 x Boat Toy
  • 2 x Candle
  • 1 x Straw