Cling Film Cutter with Plastic Wrap Long-lasting Preservation Locked Water Health Safety Plastic Box Cling Film Dispenser Kitchen Creative Tool – 25cmx200m


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Here's Cling film cutter fully assistance your leftover food wrapping quick and easy! Easily cut plastic wrap and won't get hurt. Drag out the wanted length of the film and slightly cut it. Then you get the neat and clean film.

  • Life can not be separated from plastic wrap: Wrappe cooked food to isolate external bacteria, soup does not leak; Wrappe fresh meat in the refrigerator to prevent other foods from odor, clean and hygienic; Wrappe vegetables and fruits, water is not lost, nutrition is healthier.
  • New food grade PE raw materials, responsible for health. Highly moisturizing. Clean and prevent odor.
  • Built-in stealth cutter design, easy to tear very convenient: built-in portable cutter, special technology, light and tear resistant, more convenient to use, avoid external pollution, resulting in waste.
  • Transparent appearance, simple and fashionable, elegant and novel, good partner in the kitchen.

Material PEPolyethylene
Heat Resistant Temperature -60°C-100°C
Color Transparent

Package Includes
  • 1 x Cutter, 1 x Plastic Wrap

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