Electronic Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Mouse Insect Repeller Pest Reject (EU)


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Product Description:

Smart Electronic Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Mouse Inset Bug Repeller Pest Reject EU Plug
1. This machine can effectively function in a room of 40-60 square meters.
2. The pests that the machine can drive out are: mice, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, cockroaches, ants, bugs, termites and so on.
3. The ultrasonic band emitted by this unit will not harm any human or family pets and will not interfere with household appliances.
4. The machine is safe and environment-friendly, odorless, tasteless, low power consumption of less than 2W in total power, and equipped with advanced optoelectronic technology.

1. Multifunction: it can produce low-frequency induction fields, ultrasonic waves and infrared rays at the same time.
2. Frequency conversion: the 3 frequency waves generated by this product constantly changes in an intermittent manner, so that rats and other pests do not produce "adaptive" and "immunity-impaired" effects on a certain fixed frequency.
3. The electromagnetic waves produced by this product are only a few hertz. Ultrasound and infrared frequencies are beyond the human hearing range, and all radio waves have low power, so they are harmless to the human body. They are determined by a special authoritative body of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor Protection: the physical field generated by this product is harmless to humans.

Working principle:
With modern microelectronics technology, this product can generate low-frequency electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves, and infrared rays intermittently and alternately, acting on the auditory and nervous systems of rats and other pests to make them uncomfortable.

Instructions for use:
After the unit is plugged into a power outlet, you will be able to see the blue light on the unit is on and the unit starts normal operation. When the unit is operating, it will emit a series of high-low audio frequencies which indicates that the machine is automatically scanning frequency. 
In a short period of time, you will find that the amount of activity of rats has been greatly reduced, but maybe you will find that the activity of mosquitoes and flies increased a little during this period, because ultrasonic waves drive out mosquitoes and flies from the shelter. Then after a while, they will disappeare. In three to five weeks, all mice and pests will be cleared. If the machine is plugged into a power outlet for a long period of time, you can always control the situation. 

Plug this product directly into a 90-250V power outlet. The red light flashes, indicating that the product is working.

Model: zs-899
Power: 2W
Supply voltage: 90-250V
Power frequency: 50-60HZ
Applicable area: 20-80 square meters
Rechargeable: not support
Weight: 76g
Material: ABS
Color: white
Supply voltage: AC 90-250V/50Hz
Power consumption: less than 2W, continuous use

Low frequency induction field: 0.8Hz – 8Hz, 160 seconds interval
Ultrasound: 20-55KHz/55-110KHz, 80 seconds interval
Infrared: 1.4 – 15UM, 80 seconds interval

1. This product is mainly used to repel rats, and it also has certain control effects on cockroaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs, fleas, silkworms and moths.
2. This product can be widely used in home, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, computer rooms, hotels, grain stores, etc..
3. The effective range of this product is about 80 square meters. The general family can install one. If you install two, of course, the effect is better.

1. Plug it in the power socket that is 20-80cm above the ground on the wall and keep vertical to the ground.
2. Try to avoid putting it towards curtains, fabric sofas and other cloth items (fabric items can absorb ultrasound).
3. Within the first few days of use, it is normal that mice and pests increase significantly. Because the mice and pests usually hiding in the lair were attacked by ultrasonic waves, they fled from their original hiding place.

Package Content:

1 x Mouse Repeller Pest Reject

Electronic Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Mouse Insect Repeller Pest Reject (EU)
Electronic Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Mouse Insect Repeller Pest Reject (EU)
Electronic Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Mouse Insect Repeller Pest Reject (EU)