Eyelash Thick Nutrient Solution Beauty Yan Qiong Eyelash Nutrition Liquid Beauty Yan Qiong Eyelash Nutrition Liquid


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How to use: Gently rotate the endof tube, to let brush cnrich with amount of product (or overflow a Iittle), and then massage onto eyelash foot. If it immodestly contact with eye, please rinse with water immediately,Applicable Parts: The roet of eyelash and the root of eycbrow Storage Methods Put in a cool anddry place, and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Can enhance theeyelashes, While enriched with nourishing ingredients, it gives youreyclash nutrition and elasticity, leaving eyclash become curl and pliable, Eyelasl , Enhancer Nourishing

Net Content 3ml
Weight 32.8 g
Packing Color Box Packaging
Material Plastic
Packing size 3.5×2.5×12.8cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Eyelash Nutrient Solution