F501-L/XL Waist Trimmer for Workout Running Sprain Pressure Sport Band Trainer for Men


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Guess you need our waist Trimmer if you want to train waist. Our adjustable band trainer gives your waist better protection. It has eight elastic support plates which give your waist more support when you do strength training or heavy lifting. Special design gives you more different experiences. Aircraft-grade insulationmaterial can adjust your body temperature. These materials absorb heat when the skin's surface overheats and vice versa. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the band trainer.

  • Back pad fit the waist curve, give waist moderate pressure and increase stability
  • Aircraft-grade insulation material can adjust your body temperature and give you a comfortable experience
  • Built-in two elastic support plates in two sides to avoid deformation
  • Built-in eight elastic support plates to strengthen the support and ease the burden
  • Elastic buckle fabric can be used for a long time

Color Black
Size L / XL (45.67 x 8.86)" / (116 x 22.5)cm
Material Permeable Elastomer & Support Fittings ( Include Spring )

Package Includes
  • 1 x Waist Trimmer