Fexport 4in1 Multi-Function Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Eyeliner


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How To Use1.First comb the eyebrows, repair their own eyebrow2.Will turn out to the direction of the arrow eyebrow appropriate length,Gently draw from the eyebrow to the eyebrow with the hair growing in the direction of the hair.Slightly shallow in the eyebrows3..After outlining the eyebrow, and then slowly fill color,With the use of eyebrow brush, soft, natural,Stereo eyebrow.

  • Switch press head:4 kinds of color handoff, easy to use
  • Fashion design:easy to use It is convenient to carry and do not occupyposition.
  • Use no waste:Not easy to break
  • Four colors together:easy to color waterproof and not remove makeup
  • Four colors meet your different makeup,Take the "4" together.You are so beautiful!
  • Fine pen refill:You can draw the eyebrows are clear, uniform colors of nature
  • smudge-proof:Rinse with water for a few seconds, still developing color.
  • Full of color:The paste is fine, with good color and full color.
  • 4in1:The core is thin, and 4 colors are combined into a pen, which is easy to carry.

Brand Fexport
Name 4in1Eyebrow pencil
Net 13.8g
Weight 18g
Size of Pen 14.3*15.cm
Color classic black、advanced grey、enchanting coffee、modern light brown

Package Includes
  • 1 x Eyebrow pencil