Fiberglass for Nail Extension Building 10pcs/pack Fibernails Acrylic Tips Manicure Salon Tool Curvature Clips Silk Wraps


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How to do fibernails :
Step 1: After preparation of natural nail,apply base coat and fiberglass.
Step 2:make the sealing of fiber above and below with UV builder gel.
Step 3: Cure nails under UV/LED lamp for 1-2mins.After few seconds,apply pinching clips to maintain the curvature
Step 4: Remove pinching clips from nail.
Step 5: Technical sanding, this step is very important,from here the nail is already in the natural format.Step 6: Apply no wipe top coat which leaves the nail always shiny and helps in the durability of the nail!

  • Great Quality Fibers
  • Smooth
  • Doesn´t itch or pinch
  • Sterilized
  • Great perfomance
  • Easy application and adhesion.
  • Naturality in the final result

Brand Name ibcccndc
Item Type Nail Form
Quantity 10pcs/pack
Material Fiber glass nail tips
Length 5cm

Package Includes
  • 10 x Fibernails