Finger Joints Training Splint Orthosis Finger’s Contractures Spasm Hemiplegic Stroke Knuckle Recovery Rehabilitation Exercise – Size S


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  • Designed to hold the finger in alignment following injury such as a hard impact or following injuries to the DIP or PIP joints
  • Complete with wire spring system which helps to keep the finger correctly aligned, while also allowing movement for rehabilitation
  • Used to maintain interphalangeal joints in correct position following distal joint injuries
  • Made of Stainless Steel spring and EVA padding, easy and comfortable to wear
  • When wear it on, it holds finger straight, then bend your finger against spring tension to rehabilitate finger

Color Blue & Silver
Material Stainless Steel,EVA Liner
Size S Finger Second Joints Circumference under 2.2 inches(<5.5cm)
Size M Finger Second Joints Circumference between 2.2-2.8 inches (5.5-7cm)
Size L Finger Second Joints Circumference more than 2.8 inches (>7cm)

Package Includes
  • 1 x Finger Joints Training Splint Orthosis