Full Ball Bearing 4” Heavy Duty Metal Lazy Susan Bearing Rotating Swivel Turntable Plate Desk


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Ideal for Corner cabinets, storage solutions,chalk spinners,turntable kaleidoscopes,tabletop serving, pop display, magazine racks, movie poster display,television and computer monitor turntables, flower arranging, cake decorating, revolving musical boxes, trade show displays.

  • 360 degree rotation, full steel balls, excellent smoothness
  • Galvanised Steel Construction
  • 110 lbs (50 kg) Load Capacity
  • Ball bearing raceway for smooth rotation
  • Carousel turntable bearing use quarter-inch balls and can be greased to dampen noise
  • Suitable for hotel home improvement

Type Swivel Plate
Material Iron
Color Silver
Length 94mm
Total height 9.5mm

Package Includes
  • 1x Turnplate