Hair Removal Cream Beauty Face Herbal Ingredients Suitable for Male and Female Painless Creams to Remove Underarm Leg Hair


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Usage Method: After moistening the area that needs to be depilated with a mild wet towel, apply this product evenly to the hair removal site, then wipe depilatory Cream evenly with the special tool included.Usage amount should be fully covered with body hair( About 2 mm thick)and keep for 5-8minutes(depending on thickness of body hair).Gently wipe with a special tool(or use a towel) along the opposite direction of hair growth,and then clean with water.

  • Containing natural herbal extracts, using a new hair removal formula, body hairs fall off quickly, the area of ??hair removal is large, painless, easy to remove or rinse. Apply to the area where you want to remove body hair, such As: underarms, legs, arms etc.

Net content 40g
Weight 67g
Packing Bare
Product size 4x4x13cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Hair Removal Cream