Handheld 3 Modes Water Saving High Pressure Anion Filter Shower Head – Blue Size S


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The Handheld 3 Modes Water Saving High Pressure Anion Filter Shower Head features water filter balls inside it to filter your bathing water and fill the water with anion that is good to skin and health. It also pressurizes water, allowing you to wash clean and comfortably with less water. This handheld shower nozzle is designed to make showering a more relaxing, enjoyable spa-like experience. Made of high-grade ABS and stainless steel with chrome plating, it resists rust and is durable for long-lasting use. Don′t hesitate to buy now!


The impurities in your tap water often dry out the skin and cause an imbalance in the sebaceous glands. With the purifying effect of bioactive stones our showers will help you restore balance. FILTER YOUR TAP WATER NOW, with the Bath & Relax Filtering Shower Head with Stones with Bioactive Minerals that purify the water. Rejuvenates the skin – Negative ions for dry skin and hair.
1. Anion Filtration System:
    Purify the water from the shower, remove 99% of the chlorine toxins from the water, regulates the pH value of the water, making the water quality in weak alkaline, and better for a healthier appearance of hair and skin. It relieve fatigue and promote metabolism, make you feel fresh.
    Red Stones are stones with bioactive minerals for filtered water, which make the water molecule smaller, good for the skin and elasticity.
    Gray Stones will reduce chlorine residues in water, impurities and bacteria, anti oxidant.
2. High Pressure & Water Saving:
    Compact, powerful, excellent performance at any water pressure. It also saves water and reduces water consumption. The water jet is very pleasant, thanks to these holes, it also guarantees us a water saving of about 30%.
3. 3 Modes:
    On the side there is a button that allows you to change the water jet in 3 different modes. Rain Shower, Massage Shower and Jet SPA Shower, bringing the spa experience into the home.
4. Strong & Durable:
    Shower head made of carbon-fiber environmental protection PC and ABS-coated materials, not easy to break. Very durable. With filter function, improve the quality of bathing water.
5. Easy to Install:
    Universal shower head, standard size, can accommodate all standard connectors, quick and easy installation. Easy to connect and install in 1 minute. No complicated tools are needed. Fits any standard size tube.
6. Easy to Clean:
    With a transprent, see-through design and high-density filter, it is removable for easy cleaning. The filter ball can be changed regularly to guarantee the purify water function. Recommended to buy two together, replace to use. Suitable for men, women, children and pets.

Material ABS & Stainless Steel
Surface Finishing Chrome
Quantity 1pc
Color Blue
Panel Diameter 6cm / 2.36Inch (Size S)
Total Length 22cm / 8.66Inch
Weight 184g

Package Includes

1 x Shower Head

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