Head-mounted KN95 Anti Dust Pollution Activated Carbon Filter Gas Mask


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The gas mask uses strong adsorption of activated carbon with BFE high iodine value, addition of potassium permanganate, nano silver, oxidation of alkali chemicals, improve the efficiency of the gas-filtering box. It can effectively filter harmful substances such as gasoline/ C6H6 (benzene and homologue)/ organic steam/ carbon disulfide/ acetone/ ether/ paint/ formaldehyde in air. Made of rubber and ergonomically designed to fit the face with the gas mask and breathe freely. 360° omni-directional fitted, the mask is compact and reasonable, with a gas valve design, quickly discharges the hot air. The half mask body can be repeatedly cleaned and reused.

  • Interface design, easy to assemble and disassemble the filter cartridge and mask, and tightly combined, air tight, safe to use, cold flow breathing valve, effectively remove heat and moisture, reduce respiratory resistance, wear more comfortable.
  • The mask is made of silica gel, which has environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe performance, excellent fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and soft touch.
  • When you feel that the respiratory resistance is obviously increased, or the filter cotton is dirty and damaged, please replace the filter cotton in time.
  • First, first conduct a gas tightness test: after the mask is worn, block the suction port by hand to test whether the mask leaks. Second, check whether the dust you need to protect is a protective object of the filter cotton. Third, it may indicate that the filter has been saturated, leaving the work environment, and trying to replace the filter cotton in a safe area.
  • Indoor, outdoor, clean gardening, building materials, pesticides, industrial dust, electronics industry, etc.

Item Type Gas Mask
Mask Material Environmentally Friendly Rubber
Color Rubber Gray
Packing Individual Packaging
Mask Style Head-mounted
Breathing Valve Device No
Protection Level KN95
Filter Effect Excellent

Package Includes
  • 1 x Gas Mask