Hemu Surface Black Pig Mane Beard Comb Beard Portable Comb Care


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Brush facial hair,improve hair texture and massage scalp ,stimulates the skin of underneath to the skin,stimulate the sweat gland and the hair follicle to promote the blood circulation of the hair root.The beard is meshed with the scalp scales of the mane,which can effectively remove the dust.And make the squid flakes of the arched beard smooth,make your beard more healthy and shine.

  • Brush: natural grass handle made of black piglet.
  • Wild boar: Wild boar is considered to be the best and softest material in the brush.
  • Use beard wax, beard oil, improve hair texture and massage the scalp, stimulate the skin under the skin, stimulate sweat glands and hair follicles, and promote blood circulation of hair roots.
  • The beard and the scalp scales of the mane are engaged to effectively remove the dust, smooth the beard's squid slices, and make the beard more healthy and shiny.
  • The brush acts like a softener to distribute natural oils over the entire beard to increase volume and shine.
  • Work on different types of hair and beards.

Product name Body brush
Material Grasstree
Weight 96g
Color Wood Color
Size 13*8*4.5cm

Package Includes
  • 1 x Beard Comb